Here is a list of Major Benefits in being part of 24-7 Networking Sales:

Appliances again, as we are BIG in residential construction, we are buying lots of appliances. We have a GREAT deal, especially on certain high-end appliances. Again, this can be offered as an employee benefit.

A REALLY big benefit is to have your Human Resources area checked. One company suffered an $11,000 fine from the State of NJ that could have been avoided. And not knowing you had a violation is NOT an excuse. We have a company that specializes in that area.

Office Supplies, in 2020, our clients have bought over $60,000 in office supplies, including copy paper, furniture, cleaning supplies, construction supplies such as gloves, masks, dust suits, signs and more. Contact me and let me help you by joining the group. This can also be used as an employee benefit. New products in construction supplies are now available, this will bring us to $150,000 in total sales in the next 12 months is a very conservative estimate.

Autos and Trucks, we have a program with TWO major USA manufacturers. Our larger clients are getting fleet buying incentives. And then the employees of all companies will get better pricing through 24-7. Contact me regarding the details of this program and all of the programs.

Flooring, we represent one of the largest flooring companies in the USA. The pricing doesn't get any better.

A major paint company as of June 28, 2019 is offering a national buying program to companies in 24-7. Contractors, building maintenance, property management, real estate investors and more. You will have your own account number and be able to purchase at the same price from any store selling their product.

At most of our meetings, you can have auto service work done and much more while you enjoy the meeting. No more sitting in service stations while your car is being fixed. And in southern Bergen County and the surrounding area, while you are at work, everything can be done for your car, brakes, tune ups, windshields, transmission work, lights, wipers, and more. Your car will be picked up at your work place, service and brought back to your work place.

Furniture for the home, how would you like to offer an additional employee benefit of buying good furniture at a discounted price/ 24-7 is big in residential construction. And now we have a company selling unbelievable used cabinets and furniture at extreme discounted prices.

This page is under development and we will be adding onto the benefits shortly.

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