Gun for Hire with pistol shooting up to 25 yard and up to 50 yard

  • 16 Jul 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 1267 McBride Avenue, Woodland Park, NJ 07424


  • For people that would like to attend without shooting, just networking.
  • Must have pistol and license.
    $70 plus ammo if needed
    Yes, you can bring your own ammo
  • Cost is $125 plus ammo
    If you only shoot one round, that is all you pay for. If you wished it had been an automatic, that is what you pay for in ammo

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Attend one of the best networking events ever at Gun For Hire, a pistol shooting range!!!

Come test your shooting skills!

Whether you own a gun or not, you can attend and shoot.

If you don't own a gun and always wonder what it was like to shoot, guns will be provided and there will be instructions and then there will be instructors with the group on the shooting line at all times.

You will pay a fee for attendees with their own guns plus ammo if needed, and then a fee without guns plus ammo. If you shoot one round and decide that is it, then you pay for one round. If you think you are Dirty Harry and shoot 200 rounds, then that is what you pay for.

And then there will also be some serious networking.

Here are two testimonials:


The guns for hire event was a wonderful opportunity to create bonds in a newly inventive way.  The event was awesome, the knowledge that was learned and the opportunities to be able to safely handle such a different array of guns was very exciting.  The staff was very friendly they were open to any questions and were there to help guide you on how to appropriately handle the weapon.  I've never been to a shooting range before and I was a bit nervous, but after being greeted by the staff and being with the networking group I've created bonds with people that I otherwise would not have.  Thank you for establishing such a very cool experience and straying away from the normal networking events theme.  This one was a blast and I look forward to the next.

Laurie Ann


Just wanted to thank you for an incredible event!  The Gun for Hire luncheon was a blast for both my guest (who is going to join) and myself.  I had only been to a shooting range once and it was a dark and dirty place, with not a lot of gun options.  I was blown away by the facility, staff and range, as the place was brand new, huge and had a cafe attached to it.  The gun selection was incredible and the staff was well trained and incredibly professional, which made everyone feel safe.  This place is not your traditional shooting range and I am seriously thinking of becoming a member, so I can bring clients and friends.  Please have more events here as I am most certainly bringing potential members and clients next time, as you walk away from the day doing nothing but talking about it.  My guest called me up last night again to thank me for an incredible time. 

Great job!


Kenneth P. Alevras, CPA

It includes sandwiches and soft drinks, but that is not the value in attending, but it is good food.

If you are attending, sign the waiver form.


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